AccMaster Desktop ERP For Small & Medium Enterprises

Capture all your data in an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for small businesses and midsize companies.

Accounts & Inventory With Sales Tax

This product of AccMaster developed specially for traders, Iron steel dealers to maintain their business records. 

Inventory module maintains sales tax related reports. Sales Tax module provides all the reports like Purchases / Sales, Sales Tax  ETC. Accounting module of software is integrated with each other modules.

Accounts & Inventory With Fixed Sales Tax

This product of AccMaster developed specially for Ideal for Autoparts dealers.  Features includes Multiple warehouses, Accrual Accounting with fixed sales tax to maintain business records. 

Accounts & Inventory (Retail)

This software gives you an entire set of core accounting functionalities ideal for Iron Steel Dealers plus the features and flexibility you need for your retail business, such as Multiple warehouses, Cash Accounting, managing and reporting on your finances, monitoring sales orders, and controlling inventory. Moreover, it supports various integrations to help you bring all your processes together in one system.

Accounts & Inventory (WholeSale)

Software for wholesale distributors consolidates financial, logistical and administrative business processes within a single system. It’s suitable for small-scale, fledgling traders through to international wholesalers with multiple warehouses.

AccMaster Petrosite Accounting Software

Petrosite is a rewarding software functional to meet requirements of fuel refilling stations including diesel, petrol and CNG. We are offering protracted services which can easily dealt with day to day activities starting from fueling vehicles, washing cars, managing contracts, business accounting, stock updating to accounting reports quite intelligently just on few clicks.